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Today I’m Movin’ On, Join Me!

This is a coronavirus-free post

So, right off you should know I am not going to talk about the coronavirus. I have already heard more than I want to hear. I will follow the guidelines, wash my hands, disinfect surfaces where needed, and stay at home. Fine. 

Now I will be getting on with my life, thank you. Restrictions make sense, but they won’t last forever and neither will the current crisis. So this is me, moving’ on.

Movin’ on

I am adding My Booktable to the website today. It may take a few days before it is ready to reveal. I’ve pretty much been spinning my wheels for the last week… figuring out the new temporary normal. So I feel a need to refocus. Getting the website finished is my first step. Meanwhile, I am keeping up with work on a number of new books.

One of these is a short book I wrote called Thirty Days to the Rest of Your Life. It is full of simple, practical advice, and the title is a gentle spoof of the self-help book genre. (Which is where this tiny tome would fit if I had to categorize it.) That will be available soon. I hope you enjoy it!

I wish you and yours joy, health, and happiness.
Until next time…

By Susan Craig

Susan Craig is the author of four published novels. She is a pizza-lover, scientist, Christian, and believer in HEA. Her stories feature women worth knowing and men worth loving. Join her on the journey at

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