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Three Secrets to Coping with Change

We all have to cope with change. We transition from childhood to adult life, from singleness to relationship, from youth to age, from job to job, from house to house, from place to place. We go from sickness to health, from school to the real world of work, and from work to retirement. For most of us, I suspect it would be fair to say that our lives are always in transition of one kind or another. And we know that coping with these changes is not always easy. So today I offer you three secrets for coping successfully with all kinds of change.

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Let go of the past

1. Leave the  past behind. Let go of the things you used to have, and the places you used to go, but keep the people. Making new friends does not mean you must abandon the old ones.

Embrace the present

2. Do what needs to be done. Focus on NOW. Try not to make comparisons with what used to be–for better OR worse. Accept your new reality and do your best in it, even if the situation is only temporary.

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Be kind to yourself

3. Don’t expect perfection all at once. Give yourself time. Every transition brings with it a learning curve and an acceptance curve. It takes time to navigate and accept new circumstances. Persevere.

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These three secrets will help you move gracefully through all kinds of change, be it minor or major, easy or difficult.

Until next time,
Susan Craig.

By Susan Craig

Susan Craig is the author of four published novels. She is a pizza-lover, scientist, Christian, and believer in HEA. Her stories feature women worth knowing and men worth loving. Join her on the journey at

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