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Stuffed Animal Decor

Pink wooden box with vertical rope "bars" used for storing stuffed animals.
Stuffed Animal Zoo–Great idea!!

I have fond, and not-so-fond, memories of when my kids were in the stuffed animal stage. (As you may know, this stage can be really long, sometimes lasting until they move out of your home and into their own place!) But today I am thinking about storage decor and the childhood stuffed animal stage.

When I was a kid myself, and when I was the mom of toddlers, a child had one or two favorite stuffed animals and those lived on their bed. Not so anymore! Now children often have a whole menagerie of fuzzy critters to love and care for–which means parents get to herd, move along, and wrangle a dozen or (usually) more fuzzies on a daily basis.

The photo above from Pinterest shows one of my favorite solutions to this, just because it is so darned cute! I’ve also seen, and used, colorful laundry baskets, outgrown travel-style play pens, and smaller, lighter shopping baskets. I have seen these last mounted on the wall. Looks adorable, but my children would have pulled them down and left a hole in the wall in the process…maybe it works if your child is very young, or much more gentle than mine ever were.

Creative storage is always a challenge, and always fun. Kudos to whomever thought this one up!
Got a clever storage idea you use? Share with the rest of us in Comments!

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By Susan Craig

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