Book Launch Writing

Book Launch!!! (splash!)

Excitement, trepidation, and the nervous willies accompany every book launch. In six days I’ll have my first book launch–a relaunch– in some time. Mostly, I am curious. How will it go?

When I began writing as an Indie writer (a writer who self-publishes via Kindle Direct Publishing or some other online venue), I simply wrote my book and pushed the publish button. I tossed my baby out into the digital world and hoped for the best.

Amazingly, things went well. (That’s more rare then you’d think.) And it lasted for a few months. Then my sales numbers dropped off a cliff. I’ve learned that the drop-off-a-cliff phenomenon is NOT uncommon. It occurs when authors have no clue how to market a book.

That was me. Clueless. And then busy with job changes and family moves and a dozen other things that put my publishing venture on the back burner. For years.

About a year ago I got serious about my writing work. Again. I decided to relaunch my original trilogy while working on two new novels. I learned about marketing. I soaked up all the advice out there (a LOT) on launching a book. I followed the suggestions I could afford… contacting reviewers, sending out Advance Reader copies and so forth. (Buying book ads was NOT in my budget!)

Now, finally, in only six days I get to see if my efforts will pay off. So, yes…excitement, trepidation, and lots of nervous willies!

The book that will launch on Amazon August 30th is Something Blue. It is the story of a woman stuck running the family company–a position for which she was groomed her whole life, but that feels to her like an itchy too-tight sweater. The executive role she is so good at playing does not fit her true personality at all. So, she feels like a fraud (in addition to wanting to scratch).

She agrees to sell her company to a hot, sexy entrepreneur (Of COURSE he’s hot and sexy…it’s a romance!!) but doesn’t trust him to run the company without her supervision. You can guess that they fall in love, but HOW it happens, and the pitfalls in their way…ah! Therein lies the story!!

If you haven’t read it already, you should check it out.

So think of me on August 30th, as I sit here holding my breath, waiting to see if my baby book can swim.

In the meantime, I wish you and yours an awesome autumn,
Until next time…
Susan Craig


Why write?

I’ve been thinking about my work as a writer.

Why do I write? Why fiction? Why do I continue?

Why I write is an easy question to answer. I have “always” written. Ever since grade school diaries I have put pen to paper in order to commemorate events. That hasn’t changed. I think better when I write. I process emotions better when I write. I live better when I write.
Now mind you, little of that writing is fiction. Rather, it is a normal extension of my consciousness.

So why fiction? It was a challenge. I’ve written scientific journal articles, term papers, dissertations, and some long ago poetry. But not since grade school when my friends and I all wrote Nancy Drew mysteries, or tried to, had I written fiction. My scientific training indicated that novelty was good for the brain. And my day to day work was becoming routine in many ways. So I decided to try something new. Could I write a story? Could I separate myself from the day to day enough to actually create fiction?
It turned out that I could.

Why do I continue? Well, it’s fun. Not all of it, certainly. There are days when my work is indeed, work. Many of those, in fact. But the satisfaction of crafting a story that a reader will enjoy is deep, and lasting, and brings joy. So I continue despite the “negatives” of marketing and list tending and story planning (which is not natural to me). The joy inherent in a finished book is worth the effort.

I believe we all lean towards doing the things that bring us joy and satisfaction. And I believe that what, exactly, those things are varies from person to person. What are your “things”? And why?

Please share in the comments.

Until next time,

RSSWWF Writing

Winter Writing Festival…completed!

The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood (a group of Golden Heart finalists) sponsors a Winter Writing Festival every year. This was my first year to participate. It is amazing how online chatting and encouragement can increase productivity. I prepared my trilogy for relaunch, revising all three books–one was extensively rewritten, and now I am waiting on things outside my control (like the new cover art) so I can do the actual relaunch. I also completed the first draft of my current work in progress, about a female scientist and a professor of 16th century poetry.

Long story short, I succeeded in meeting my goals for the entire 7 weeks of the festival–which means I was one of the winners!

This is the badge for winning in the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival, 2019

What a great group of fellow authors!!

Now back to everyday life. Spring is coming!!
Until next time,