Nature Photography Texas Wildflowers

Nature photography in Texas

This is one of my favorite photos… Wildflowers in a Texas meadow, with the yellow composite forced into a curve by the entanglements of its neighboring purple vetch. What caption would you give it? Until next time…–Susan.

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Photography–Misty Morning

Misty morning photography is a special pleasure of mine. The world beyond your own little space just drops away, and your focus has to be on the things near to you. Sometimes, I think, we need a misty morning for our lives as well, when the outside world and its cares fade away and we […]

Nature Photography

Fall Photography

I searched the file of photographs I’d taken through the years during this autumnal time of year. And I began to wonder how I managed to let the practice of photographing the natural world, which gave me such joy, fall by the wayside. I thought about how life crowds in on our time, as we […]