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Friday Halloween Fish

Happy Friday!  After all the great Halloween costumes yesterday, here is a fish that disguises itself. It’s called a Scorpion fish—very strange looking. And if you want to see video, click this link: Until next time…–Susan Craig.

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Remember Hallowe’en?

Today I am remembering Hallowe’en traditions, as they used to be. What’s with the apostrophe? Halloween originated as the Eve of All Saints Day, which used to be All Hallows Day. That accounts for the ‘hallow’ part of Halloween. Lots of you already know that. So did I. But I recently learned the rest of […]

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Father’s Day Thunderstorm

Spring is over and Summer has arrived.  The crepe myrtle have begun to bloom—and for some reason the white ones are in full bloom, while the pink varieties are still working up to it. I have to wonder why. But I’m feeling too lazy to actually bother finding out…this year. Most days I have to […]