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Cold weather comfort food

The cold weather is moving, but that does not mean it’s going away. It’s time for some cold weather comfort food. This has been a favorite of our family for years: Pag Bracken’s Stay-abed-stew: Stay warm!–Susan.

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Poetry and Whimsey

Here is a photograph of my favorite bit of poetry-related whimsey. This storefront in tiny Dwight, Nebraska has no hours posted. There is no sign saying “I will be back at __:__”.  I have never found it open. Yet it captures my imagination and takes me to a happy place. I hope it does the […]

Friday Happy Times Princess Bride Remember

Happy Friday-Remember The Princess Bride?

It’s Friday, and I have a YouTube clip for you from 2011– a cast reunion for the 25th anniversary of The Princess Bride. Enjoy!! –Susan.