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Five Reasons Challenge Lures Us…

What is the lure of a challenge? What is it that hooks us and reels us in?  That convinces us to step outside our comfort zone? In this post, I explore five reasons we take on a challenge. Novelty 1.  A challenge is a break from routine. Usually a challenge involves accomplishing something we have […]

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From Corn Plants to Fire Ants—Costs and benefits of a mobile lifestyle

    I wrote the first version of this post a number of years ago, when my husband and I moved from a small town in Nebraska to Austin Texas. Literally a move from corn plants to fire ants. We’ve moved again since then, but the costs and the benefits of a mobile lifestyle remain […]

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Adventure in Plumbing–

Adventure comes in many disguises–today’s was disguised as clogged plumbing. I felt ashamed yesterday when I had to tell the young man painting my stairs not to use either of the two sinks in my basement. One was clogged and the other leaks. So today I decided to take home repair into my own hands […]