Something Blue

She’s ready to sell. He’s looking to buy. It should have been simple…Experienced CEO Diana Lennox is selling the family firm to sexy upstart engineer Logan Carmichael… but she won’t give me full control. She monitors his executive decisions, protecting the future of Lennox Incorporated, while fighting to keep their relationship professional. Logan doesn’t help. He’ll use whatever advantage he can to win his corporate gamble.… I know her type. She’s a no-holds-barred professional woman with a cold heart in a body built for sex. Deadly. However much integrity she pretends to have, she wouldn’t hesitate to crush a man’s heart or steal his soul to advance her career.No matter. I’ll see her out of this company and into my bed–dangerous or not. And when the arena moves from boardroom to bedroom, Diana’s in trouble. Because in this game, she’s the amateur. And she’s playing way out of her league

Stubborn Love

It was just his luck. The woman who haunted his dreams was wrapped in his arms, and she was crying for another man. After ending his stint with the Marine corps, Jim Donovan dialed back his alpha attitude and befriended military widow Sally Johnston. His resolute control hides more than the warrior persona he’s chosen to set aside. The handsome D.M.V. has kept his heart hidden as well, waiting for the woman to recover from her loss. That time might be here, but a stalker has surfaced targeting Sally. Following his own code of honor, Jim must protect the woman he loves, but won’t allow himself to chase her. She’s going to have to come to him.          Stubbornness is Sally’s strong suit. She doesn’t want protecting or to fall in love. If she needs a sexual outlet, she’ll give Jim’s new young colleague a try. She can’t indulge in a short-term fling with Jim, despite the way being near him makes her feel. Keeping his friendship is more important. And as to the stalker? She knows how to deal with that. Ignore him and he’ll go away. She and her son have made it alone for the last five years. She doesn’t mean to change that now. So she goes about her daily life, managing an animal shelter and caring for her son.       While from the woods behind her home, cold eyes watch her every move.

Twist of Fate

She’s only one faithless man removed from innocence, but to Daniel Smith she’s a tramp trolling for a new meal ticket.  He passed judgment on Tammy Carmichael the day he met her and he means to protect his friends in Cedar Hill by offering himself as bait. Naturally, there will be side benefits.    Tammy is a high voltage package of good looks and talent.  She’s not interested in taking a second chance with her heart, but Daniel looks like a green-eyed advertisement for male. And a woman does have needs… Two people dead set against love. Join them as hearts are broken and rebuilt on the way to happily ever after.


Home for Christmas

When Mac first fell for April, daydreams were all he had. A lot has happened since then, and now he’s found her again. How will this single dad convince her to let go of their history and give love a chance?