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Home office-before and after

Tackled my home office today. Here are the before and after shots: The return The corner The final result Yay!! Hope you had a blessed day, too.–Susan. BTW, the third Cedar Hill Romance, Twist of Fate, is out and available on

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Cold weather comfort food

The cold weather is moving, but that does not mean it’s going away. It’s time for some cold weather comfort food. This has been a favorite of our family for years: Pag Bracken’s Stay-abed-stew: Stay warm!–Susan.

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It’s cold out there!

Winter has arrived and with it, the cold. Yesterday afternoon the temperature dropped over ten degrees in an hour. My sixteen-month-old grandson got his first jacket since, for the next few days at least, his usual hooded sweatshirt will not be sufficient. My husband pulled out his leather jacket and the grocery store was full […]