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Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift

Two approaches, Three criteria, One perfect gift How do you find the perfect gift? Two approaches There are two distinct ways to approach holiday gift giving, practiced by two different sets of people. In any given family, one approach or the other will tend to predominate. Perhaps it’s genetic. The two groups are the List-makersand […]

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A Two-step Plan to the Best Christmas Ever

What does it take to make Christmas happen? Holiday season commercials tell you to do MORE this year in order to make Christmas a success. Before your eyes flash pictures of things to buy or to do that, the ads imply, will make your holidays better. But must every year somehow surpass the year before? […]


Thanksgiving Memories

Remember when Thanksgiving was a holiday all on its own, instead of a mere pause for breath during the rush toward Christmas? I remember a time when a few days after Halloween my elementary school classmates and I would make a seamless switch from drawing Halloween pictures to constructing dioramas of turkeys and pilgrims, Plymouth […]