Small Town Romance on Sale $0.99

Above is the link to a great sale on books about small town romance.

The $0.99 price is good through September 24, so click the link above, check out the books available (from 33 authors!) and choose as many or as few as you like to buy.

Then sit back and get into some heartwarming reading!

Romance is the comfort food of the mind!! Enjoy!

‘Till next time,
Susan Craig.

Coping with Change Decision Making

Today I’m Movin’ On, Join Me!

This is a coronavirus-free post

So, right off you should know I am not going to talk about the coronavirus. I have already heard more than I want to hear. I will follow the guidelines, wash my hands, disinfect surfaces where needed, and stay at home. Fine. 

Now I will be getting on with my life, thank you. Restrictions make sense, but they won’t last forever and neither will the current crisis. So this is me, moving’ on.

Movin’ on

I am adding My Booktable to the website today. It may take a few days before it is ready to reveal. I’ve pretty much been spinning my wheels for the last week… figuring out the new temporary normal. So I feel a need to refocus. Getting the website finished is my first step. Meanwhile, I am keeping up with work on a number of new books.

One of these is a short book I wrote called Thirty Days to the Rest of Your Life. It is full of simple, practical advice, and the title is a gentle spoof of the self-help book genre. (Which is where this tiny tome would fit if I had to categorize it.) That will be available soon. I hope you enjoy it!

I wish you and yours joy, health, and happiness.
Until next time…

achievement before and after challenge

Learning about websites and more

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately trying to get my website to look the way I want it to look. It’s been a time of trial and tribulation. But I am learning!

As part of the process, I decided to start a subdomain. (Which is a completely new word in my vocabulary.) I called the friendly support people at my web hosting service and they walked me through the process. I decided to set up an editing subdomain and I am now launching a side venture as a copy editor. Copy editing is something I have done for years for free, as a reviewer for scientific journals, as a university instructor commenting on student work, and as a colleague of others who write for various audiences and purposes. Now I hope to make a small business of it. There will be a large learning curve for me on the business end, but that is part of the fun!

And I love, love, love helping people improve all kinds of writing–the only types of written work I will NOT be editing are children’s picture books (There are not enough words to make it cost-effective.) or erotica (This is a genre I do not read.). But other than those, I am open to whatever comes my way.

Check out the website I created for this by clicking on Susan’s Editing Website.
Let me know what you think. I would LOVE to have your comments and suggestions!

Putting this website together gave me a chance to use a different WordPress “theme” than the one used on this site. I like the new one, so far. It is very flexible, and the more I learn about it the more powerful it seems. One day soon I hope to change this site over to the new theme–that may involve taking it down for a day or two. I am still figuring out what the best way to do that will be.

The featured photo in this blog is up for consideration as my new logo picture. What do you think? Like it? Or should I stick with the old one? If I decide to use it, I will add my name, tagline, etc.