Susan Craig is an author, blogger, nature-junkie, and firm believer in Happily Ever After.

Her life has been a story (in her mind) from the very start, so her choices have led her to a life she’d enjoy reading about. She’s accepted the challenge of being a mom, wife, color consultant, researcher, salesperson, university dean, science writer, and author, among other things. There have been inciting incidents, dark moments, turning points and resolutions throughout.

Along the way, she met and married her own hero. Now she lives on a lake in the beautiful state of Texas with her wickedly funny husband and their two mixed breed dogs, Tanner and Lady.

She began writing romance because she wanted to do something completely different than ordinary life. She hadn’t written fiction since seventh grade, when she and her friends created fantastical Nancy Drew mysteries—fan fiction, ahead of its time.

Now she enjoys using her imagination to create stories of love and romance about women worth knowing and men worth loving … none of whom are perfect. Her heroines might not always be assertive enough, just as her heroes may not always be PC in their attitudes and behavior. And they are unlikely to be billionaires.  “Face it,” she says. “How many truly perfect men are out there? I write fiction, not fantasy.”

In her books the only thing sacred is the Happily Ever After. Beyond that , all bets are off… Susan loves skirting around expectations and bringing a fresh twist to her characters.

Most important, although her characters are fictional, the love she writes about is real.

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