Logan Carmichael…

He’s smart, determined, and sexy as hell, but can Diana trust her company to a virgin entrepreneur?
She monitors his executive decisions, protecting the future of Lennox Incorporated, while fighting to keep their relationship professional.
Logan doesn’t help. He’ll use whatever advantage he can to win his corporate gamble.
And when the arena moves from boardroom to bedroom, Diana’s in trouble. Because in this game, she’s the amateur. And she’s playing way out of her league.

Jaimison Donovan…

After ending his stint with the Marine corps, Jim Donovan dialed back his alpha attitude and befriended military widow Sally Johnston. That was three years ago. Now the new partner in Jim’s veterinary clinic is hitting on Sally, and there’s an unknown stalker on her tail. Following his own code of honor, Jim must protect the woman he loves, but won’t allow himself to chase her. She’s going to have to come to him.

Sally doesn’t want protection or to fall in love. If she needs a sexual outlet, she’ll give Jim’s new colleague a try. She can’t indulge in a short-term fling with Jim. Keeping his friendship is more important. And the so-called stalker? Sally won’t play that game. She’ll do what has worked for her in the past—ignore him until he goes away. She and her son have made it fine so far. That isn’t going to change now.


Daniel Smith…

Part-owner of a local veterinary clinic in  Pennsylvania, Daniel Smith is a puzzle. With his California connections, bad boy looks, and playboy lifestyle, one has to wonder why come to Cedar Hill? And most puzzling of all, why stay?

A high voltage package of good looks and talent, Tammy Carmichael is not interested in getting involved with anyone. Still, Daniel is one red-hot male. Surely one little fling would be safe…

Douglas Macintyre… 

He used to be known as “little Dougie” Macintyre, and he had a crush on April Windham. Now he’s no longer little and no longer content with daydreams.

Realtor April Windham fled to Cedar Hill seven years ago. She’s back home now but the ex-fiancé who believes she betrayed him hasn’t forgotten her. Neither has Mac Macintyre.

April is wary but drawn toward the irrepressible Mac. Their sex is combustible, irresistible. But that doesn’t mean she’ll give him the commitment he wants.

What will it take to convince her to trust the love that is blooming between them?

Leif Danziger… 

Leif has always found women easy to work with, until he tries to work with biologist Jane Morgan. Her fixation on writing her grants, to the exclusion of helping him, is unacceptable. He needs her time, her brains and her expertise, and he’ll stop at nothing to get them.

 Jane needs funding. Which means she needs to write a grant. She has no time for helping a literary scholar trying to write science fiction. So all the involuntary urges he arouses will just have to step aside and leave her alone. She has work to do.

Will all work and no play be enough to keep Leif away?